Lisbon Garden Sofa sets

Garden Sofa Sets

Garden Sofa Sets

Imagine; a lazy Sunday afternoon in July. The sun is beaming down on your face, as you sit down with your favourite tipple and wait for the BBQ to heat up.

But what are you sitting on?

Not that old metal garden chair again? Or the wooden dining set that’s slowing but surely rotting with every use?

At CI Outdoor, we supply beautiful, long lasting, comfortable outdoor sofas that compliment any outdoor space.

Spring has not yet sprung, and yet we’re already seeing temperatures soar into the late teens across the country; ahead, we have summer of long days in the garden, BBQs, and weekends full of fun with family and friends.

Surely, the best way to spend such a glorious prospective summer, is with a comfortable, great looking alfresco living area, complete with one of our speciality patio and garden sofa sets. It’s never too early to get ready for a summer of style and comfort, and with our great range, you can choose and personalise your ideal outdoor sofa set, complete with tables, foot stalls, arm chairs, that’s configurable to your needs.



About CI Outdoors:

CI Outdoors is a brand name of Cane Industries, who are full members of the British Furniture Manufacturers Trade Association. We are the only Cane and Rattan Furniture Manufacturer to be members of this prestigious organisation! Our furniture is all proudly made in Britain, view our range of fabrics here.

For more information on our garden recliner chairs, please call us on 01582 727 123 or email us at

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